How To Do Listing On Cityhangaround

Step 1: 

Visit Website

Step 2 :

Go to Page

Step 3 : 

Register & Sign Up

  1. Fill The Information
    1. Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. City name
    4. Email Id 
    5. Password
    6. Select Recaptcha Code
    7. Click On Sign Up Button.

Step 4: 

You Get an Email Verification

  1. Click on the Verification button

Step 5:

Verify your email by clicking the link

Step 6 : 


  1. Put the Email Id
  2. Put the Password 
  3. Select Recaptcha Code
  4. Login button Click

Step 7: 

Click on Get Listing Button.

Step 8:

Choose Pricing Plan

Step 9:

Go To Admin Panel

Step 10:

Click On Add Listing Button

Step 11:

  Click on add listing button and open add listing form

  1. Select Business Category
  2. Select Business SubCategory
  3. Click On Load Form 
  4. Fill The Business Detail
  5. Click On Create button
    1. After clicking on the create button, it will go to the admin for approval.

Product Listing Process

Step 12:

  1. After listing click on the edit button
  2. Click on the Button Add a new product 
  3. Fill in The Product Detail
  4. Click On Create button
    1. Product listing will be done after clicking on the create button. Then click on All Listing.
    2. After clicking on the All Listing button, click on the Edit button on the listing
    3. After that click on attach Product button 
    4. For the product that we had added, tick the box and click on the linked product.
    5. After that do all the process
  5. Your listing is shown on the website after admin approval.

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